Copy that converts is the fastest way to more clients and cash.

I know because I Have over $1 million in hands-on testing under my belt.




As seen in:


Conversion-focused copy


is the ONE thing standing between you and your next big revenue goal.

And because I’ve seen it first hand, I can tell you that:

  • A tiny tweak to the copy on your landing page can increase conversions by over 300%, driving down the cost of your ad spend, flooding your list with qualified prospects, and creating a jump in revenue.

  • Nailing the authority building elements on your website makes the difference between your ideal target spending their $$$ with you…or bouncing off the page, only to open their wallet for a competitor a few minutes later.

  • Using story-based sales techniques in your emails can increase open rates, click-through rates and SALES.

  • Crafting your value proposition (arguably the single MOST influential factor in your marketing) is the key to outperforming your quarterly goals…or struggling to make ends meet.

And all of these opportunities are hiding in your copy… adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in

cold, hard, cash.

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Wahida has my highest recommendation

I've worked with DOZENS of copywriters over the years. Wahida is one of the rare few that inspired that coveted "she freakin' nailed it" feeling within seconds of reviewing her copy. She has my highest recommendation.” - Ryan Schwartz, industry leader and trusted copywriter for giants like Amy Porterfield and Todd Herman


Wahida is the real deal

Wahida’s sales copy moves readers to action without being manipulative or pushy. If you’re after results and have the opportunity to have Wahida write copy for you? Jump. On. It. She's the real deal.” - Amy Posner, The Client Whisperer and Founder of The Copy Clinic


My name is Wahida, and

I’m the ONLY copywriter

whose apprenticeship in conversion optimization has come from $1 million in (unrelenting) hands-on testing.

Let me explain. I started my freelance career as a Facebook Ads Strategist. Perhaps the only profession where clients give you thousands of dollars a month in ad spend, and require you to deliver 3x, 4x (and even 10x) returns — consistently and with very little room for error.

My days were spent crafting and testing messaging strategies in front of thousands and thousands of eyeballs in market, with the ultimate purpose of making money.

So while most other copywriters will be happy to learn from maybe 30 messaging tests in a year…

I’ve been running 30+ messaging tests in a DAY. Every day. For the past 3 years.

This sheer volume of experience has given me a “6th sense” for high-converting copy (no joke, my mouth now salivates when I’ve hit on something that is going to work).

It’s my unfair advantage, and I want to make it yours.

So while it was hard to leave a lucrative Facebook ads business behind (with big names knocking on my door up until the last minute) — copywriting is my ultimate love.

Read more about me here —>

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The result? A unique, conversion-driven approach called:

the StoryStacking™ method.

It’s one part storytelling + one part conversion optimization + one part psychology

Every client benefits from our unique approach to copywriting that gives equal weight to the art AND the science of conversions.

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Conversion optimization on a $300,000 launch

Wahida consulted on a high-stakes campaign where we were having trouble getting conversions. She came in and the floodgates opened. We wouldn't have gotten where we did without Wahida. You would be remiss not to hire her.” - Jenny Shih, well respected business coach at


Outperformed her launch goals by 120%

Wahida is a grounding force in my business and a trusted partner. She's always looking at the numbers to steer our strategies and I've profited as a result.” - Michelle Pfennighaus, guest lecturer at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach

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